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Contemporary Artists

List of Contemporary and Emerging Artists


    Gabriela Aberastury (Buenos Aires, Feb. 11, 1943) is a painter, draftsman, illustrator, educator, teacher and Argentina recorder. In 1980 he won the Grand Prize Drawing Argentine National Hall. In 1989 he was sworn in Konex Classical Music.



    Valerio Adami (n. Bologna, 17 March 1935) is a painter, designer and engraver Italian whose style is based on Cubism. Recognized as one of the greatest living European artists, Valerio Adami is distinguished by its personal style, synthesis of Cubism, Futurism and Pop art.



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    Alejos Lorenzo (Ferrol, 1975) He practices drawing from childhood and begins with oil painting at age of 18 in a self-taught way. He studies Technical Architecture and Interior design, profession that he leaves after a few years to dedicate himself fully to the art. He has been exhibiting since 1998 and has exhibited in New York, Milano, Beijing, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. Of his work, very colourful and vital, they have said: "It is, above all, a lyrical, imaginative, joyful, suggestive and especially striking painting, with which this artist reminds us that art is above all creation, interpretation, not simply a copy of reality, emphasizing that the world must be represented, not only as it is, but also, as one feels". (Carlos Barcón, art critic).



    Álvaro Borobio (Madrid, 1984) invites us, with his particular artistic expressiveness, to explore new alternatives of relation with nature and architecture on the part of the human being, shaping other possibilities of reality. "Through painting I wanted to reflect my concerns about society, how it relates to each other and, in turn, to the planet Earth. These are studies, analyzes and personal perspectives that, supported by contemporary urban theories and scientific procedures of how to inhabit, penetrate new ways of conceiving the city and its relation with the human being, and at the same time, how the fabricated by the Nature blends in with that man-made. "Through his vivid and energetic color palette, Borobio seeks to awaken new moods and invite reflection, taking us to it through situations and places far from the common or what daily. It is thus questioning the rhythm that dominates the world in which we live, offering for it other alternatives of places, different ways of inhabiting, in a theoretical, hypothetical way ... But, therefore, impossible?



    Born in Barcelona on June 13, 1945 . Artist of international stature, his childhood was spent between fashion and models in the dressmaking workshop of his mother in Barcelona. Is in nursery school discovers the overwhelming power that the drawings and ironic caricatures -sarcásticos- on teachers and students. This attitude describe in simple and quick sketches the environment and situation of every moment of your life is something that no longer never left . Your ability to move through the burst of color that convey his paintings. Squeezing color limit obtaining some powerful results and a great expressive force. His art creates spaces seeking reality through their bodies volumes and shapes of objects. Painter great personality to his work incorporates input from various movements , the voluptuousness of modernism, the sensationalism of the German Expressionists , and strength and color radicality of the French Fauves .



    Painter born in Cartagena in 1923, discovered at an early age his tireless vocation for painting.



    Galician artist born in Forcarei, 1940.



    'The skin is the deepest' This phrase by Paul Valéry synthesizes the obsession in Western art for hiding what is most profound on the surface. Rooted as a symbol in our notion of reality and dream, in our acts and projections, it is a gesture that would seem to go back in origin to a lost, primordial memory. The search for the "existence" of the image leads us to discover its soul in the palpitation of the space between skin and flesh. The battlefield, the mystery, is found in that dislocation between the planes of touch and gaze. The mixing of different temporalities in the image, the discovery that space exists only as an illusion of space, that our gaze exists only as a memory of the gaze: these are the strategies of our senses. To become aware of this is a similar to becoming aware of the same interval that appears between noise and music, rumor and sound. César Barrio.


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