Modern Art Paintings

Would you like to buy modern art paintings?

In our Online Art Gallery will find paintings for sale with perfect bright colors to adorn the walls of your house painted parts abstract oil paintings, portraits, landscapes, and available in different formats, in addition to acrylic creations with degraded or shaded to full color, mixed media, etc. The options you have to see and buy contemporary paints are numerous if you visit each of the techniques of painting.

Since 1965 we share with you the best art. Enjoy new ways to represent reality through the work of the most important watercolor painters of the moment. Beautiful paintings on paper, transparencies and clean colors are waiting for you in these lightweight collections. Now you can see how it would work in your living room thanks to advanced visualization system we have available in the file for each one of our pictures.

Hundreds of international artists are waiting on this list for original artworks. Meet every day unique techniques for years have accompanied the great artists of Painting, as Picasso or Miró pieces. We only work with the best artists, and all the works that you’ll see in this list have a certification seal Kreislerart supported by the team.

Select one of our technical and customize even more easily to search for the desired technique or style the piece you like. Once you’ve opted for one of our paintings for sale, the payment method that best suits your needs and get discounts coupons for your next works chosen.

You can choose between PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. You can browse and purchase modern art paintings of similar characteristics browsing of these techniques, in addition to consulting the other works we have available of your favorite artist.

After ordering, it handles Kreislerart take work home. Orders placed within the Spanish territory can take 3 to 5 days, while for international destinations within amounts of 5 to 10 days. In the event the product fails to conform to the description of the online tab, you can request a refund. You have a margin of 14 days to do so.

Meet hundreds of emerging talent from around the world Kreislerart. And remember, if you are visiting or you live in Madrid, besides buying modern pictures on the web, you can visit our art gallery physics, which has an exhibition space where you can see works of different techniques and styles.

We are an art gallery landmark in Madrid with a long history and experience in the art world. We started in 1965 in Spain and we expand in Latin America. Now, since 2015, the Gallery opens the door to virtual for lovers and collectors can purchase their favorite works more comfortably and safely. If the picture chosen support is the role purchased remember him away from heat and moisture, because according to art creations such as watercolor, are more delicate and can be damaged by hanging or exposed to these conditions.

If you are an artist, the gallery online Kreislerart is your broadcast platform. We want to give collections a unique place to buy modern art paintings plus help you promote your creations and get more people know you. Get in contact with us!