Original Sculptures

The sculpture has been and is often used as a decorative element of any space. The passion for statuettes representing reality has no limits. The collection of works of art that find Kreisler Art prove it. We collaborate with the best contemporary sculptors so you can buy all kinds of modern sculpture, ideal for art lovers and private collectors. We always have good ideas to decorate your home. It will give a very contemporary look!

List of Sculpture Artworks

Do you want to buy Modern Sculptures?

Walk our Online Gallery and find original creations that fit your tastes and artistic style to decorate the walls of your home. All the techniques you can imagine find them available in our gallery. The creations copper, wood, metal or glass have always been one of the most precious decorative element in homes and public spaces.

Decorate the entrance of your home with a figurative statue, a statue or bust of a face. You have before you a section pieces and decorative figures of Modern Art in different materials, colors and shapes to decorate your home.

Therefore, we offer a catalog of sculptural reliefs very complete styles. If you want to give a modern minimalist touch to the living room, one of the figures and animal sculptures style it is a perfect choice. You have many more models in your power to buy, with hybrid or surreal forms, thought-provoking and created in the space allotted a harmonious environment.

Choose your favorite and buy modern sculpture comfortably without having to leave home. Add it to your cart and checkout forms with one of our secure payment: credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Do not worry about anything else, our experience in the art world will guarantee confidence and security in all your shopping.

In fact, the Gallery Kreisler has been working with professional painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking and drawing, to offer collectors and unique pieces of great artistic value more than 50 years. Get closer to the creative process of visiting each of the figures we have in this catalog artists.

Expressionist exaggerated, realistic figures; more classic, which idealize life or represent deities are also available in this catalog. You can select a particular technique, and buy, say, a modern glass sculpture, you will find them with geometric shapes, animals, all designed to decorate with elegance all travelers.

Do you know Kreisler Art Online Gallery? We are an art platform that connects the work of artists with the passion of collectors in a unique online space, which supports and disseminates the latest trends in Contemporary Art. Consult the full list of artworks that have to buy modern,  figurative and abstract sculpture, etc.

Select one of our techniques or styles to customize your search according to your needs and tastes. We work internationally with a group of artists with a strong track record and new talent to always offer varied collections of your favorite techniques and styles of art.

If you are an artist and you want to sell your creations of modern sculpture, contact Kreisler Art equipment and disseminates your works in our online gallery. We love working surrounded by artists and undoubtedly will be a privilege for us to have you in the Kreisler Art family.