Original Graphic Works

Would you like to buy Original Graphic Works?

Grain dust layer of bitumen or rosin on the plate are the specialty of aquatint. Other techniques such as etching varnish using tools require regular tip or tip handle. Contemplate these quality reproductions and many more in our virtual showroom.

You can also buy artworks in mixed patterns, moving between printmaking, painting and drawing Each of the pieces you see the vision and collect impressions of the world by talented artists that will unleash the contemplative art.

Select one of our techniques (etching, aquatint, engraving, linocut, lithograph or silkscreen) to buy the piece you like to decorate or give away. Once you’ve opted for one of our artworks, the payment method that best suits your needs and get discounts coupons for your next works chosen. You can choose between PayPal, credit card or bank transfer.

You can complement your purchase of original graphic work with another piece of the author or the same technique or style. After ordering, the team will handle Kreisler Art take work home. International and expedited shipping. Orders placed within the spanish territory can take 3 to 5 days, while for international destinations within amounts of 5 to 10 days.

Kreisler Art is an Online Art Gallery that is born in order to publicize and disseminate the latest trends in contemporary art. Since 1965 we share with you the greatest variety of prints, so the prints that you will find in this list are the result of the work of artists of great talent and technical skill.

Regardless of the technique or style you choose, all our works have authenticity certificate, endorsed by the Kreisler Art team. Meet hundreds of emerging talents every day. Buy graphic work in Kreisler Art is simple. And remember, if you are visiting or you live in Madrid, you can visit the physical gallery, which has an exhibition space where you can contemplate graphic works of your favorite techniques and styles.

And if you are a graphic, engraver or lithographer artist in our online gallery you have the opportunity to present your latest creations. Contact our team and we will expose all your works of art. Kreisler Art is your broadcast platform. We want to help you promote your pieces and get you reach a wider audience, so let us help. We are an art gallery in Madrid with extensive backgrounds in the art world.

In our catalog you can buy original print, drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. We started in 1965 in Spain and we expand in Latin America. Now, since 2015, the gallery opens its virtual space www.kreislerart.com for lovers and collectors can purchase their favorite original graphic works more comfortably and safely.