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Collection of Acrilyc Paintings

Acrylic paintings

Acrylic painting is a technique that uses the same pigments as in other techniques such as watercolor , but in this case it is diluted in an acrylic-acid-based synthetic resin, so it dries very quickly and leaves either a matte or shinier finish. Acrylic is a , which means that it requires less maintenance than works made with other techniques.

El Principito acrylic , by Carmen Cantabella

Acrylic paintings are often considered to be contemporary art, mostly because of its apogee during the Fifties, linked to abstract expressionism and American pop art.

We know that art is a joy, an exercise in meditation and a perfect way to develop creativity and to get to know ourselves. That’s why we have created a virtual open space dedicated exclusively to bringing acrylic paintings by talented artists from around the world, to visitors from around the world.

You will be able to explore the acrylic paintings available at our gallery in an easy and simple way, visiting these collections until you find the piece that you connect with. When you find a painting that fulfills your desired style and characteristics, we give you the option of visualizing how it would look on the wall of your living room. You will love it! Add it to the trolley to finalize the purchase process. It is quick, easy and simple! In 3-5 days you will receive your painting at home, ready to be hung and admired.

Do you know KreislerArt Art Gallery? This virtual space for artistic promotion begins with Kreisler Gallery, our physical gallery, located in Madrid. Since the Sixties it has been playing a crucial role in the history of art in Spain, working with various emerging and prestigious artists over the years.

To correctly preserve your acrylic painting we recommend keeping it away from direct light. An excess of illumination, principally from sunlight owing to ultra-violet rays and heat, can damage the canvas. That’s why we advise that you set up your new acrylic painting in a spot where light never hits it directly.

Go through our collections of acrylic painting and contemplate different styles. Select abstracts, landscapes landscape art, monuments and discover the spectacular effect resulting from painting done by hand. We are sure you will love how each piece looks as a decorative element in your office, hallway or any other space in your home. And if you are a lover of paintings, explore other techniques, such as watercolor, oil on canvas, mixed media and much more.

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