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Aquatint prints are a personal and special present, perfect for decorating walls in any space: a living room, a hall or an office. Discover our large selection of works of art using this technique and select the one you like the most. These prints are hand made and include the signature of the author, which means that each work of art that you find in our online catalogue is an original and has an authenticity certificate from Kreislerart.

Collection of Aquatint Artworks

Original aquatint prints

Aquatint stands out as a form of expression among the various engraving and printing techniques, starting out in the XVIII century as a means of generating prints that had a watercolor effect.

The result is similar to gouache and uses the intaglio technique, which is similar to etching, where the drawn plate is exposed to soft acid so that the ink dissolves in the areas where it is not protected by the resin.

Aquatint is a very expressive pictorial printing technique, which is used to represent everything from ideas and emotions to abstract figures, landscapes and figurative art. Goya was one of the Spanish artists who most used this technique. The drawing is made up of darker and lighter areas, an elegant and delicate composition that collectors and lovers of graphic works are sure to love.

In the information file for each piece you will find all the relevant details, such as title, support type, dimensions, year and signature of the author. Find out how your aquatint print would look in your living room with our visualizer . If you are still undecided or if you prefer to see the piece in person, you can come and visit our gallery in Madrid. We will be very happy to receive you and show you our available artwork. We are based in Calle Hermosilla nr. 8, Madrid.

Once you have chosen your work of art, select your preferred payment method. You have three options: virtual POS, PayPal or wire transfer. The delivery of the product will be made within 3-5 days, depending on the location of the piece . You will also receive a tracking code that will keep you informed of the status of your order.

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