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The online art gallery Kreislerart brings together the largest selection of lithographs produced by national and international professionals so that you can decorate your home with style. Within graphic art and the different ways of expressing reality, we find a lithography, a traditional printing technique that consists of reproducing an engraving or limestone drawing. All our works have an authenticity stamp. We invite you to purchase in our virtual exhibition to discover and buy lithograph art by contemporary artists. What are you waiting for to enjoy art?

Collection of Lithograph Prints

Lithograph art

Discover the largest catalogue of original lithographs at KreislerArt. One of the key similarities between lithographs and other graphic art techniques is how they are created, as the author uses a model whereby an image or drawing is laid over a plate, in this case a stone. Every piece you can find in this lithography catalogue is an original and unique creation, which includes the author’s signature, thereby guaranteeing its authenticity. Our experience in the art world makes us your art gallery of choice, so enjoy this virtual exhibition and get to know the artwork from emerging artists who are recognised for their speciality in this technique.

Lithograph of Valerio Adami

Find beauty in the contemplation of these lithograph art and choose the one you like the most to add as a decorative element to your living room, office etc. The interplay of light and shadow, twisted reliefs and landscapes that combine visual puzzles are representations based on reality, which have great artistic value across a variety of themes and will not leave you indifferent.

Buying lithographs in our online art gallery is very easy . Once you have chosen the piece you would like and added it to the shopping cart, select your preferred payment method (you can choose between PayPal, virtual POS and wire transfer). The delivery of the item can take 3-5 days , depending on the type of artwork and the country of destination.

If you are not sure you want to buy lithographs art via the internet, you can visit us at our gallery in Madrid, where you will be able to see each piece in person and establish that emotional bond so prized by collectors.

Thanks to our display screen you can also check how your chosen piece would look on your living room wall before purchasing it.

Get to know all our lithographers: At KreislerArt we choose artists specialising in lithography that we like, who move us and who we know first-hand by their professional trajectory. This is why we want like to present their work to engravings-lovers. Some of them are contemporary artists, who may not have a long trajectory just yet, but whose prestige grows day by day thanks to their original lithographs.

Don’t miss the best selection of works in calcareous stone . If you have any questions regarding how to conserve your lithographs and safeguard them from deterioration, contact our team of professionals. We work daily to give you the best experience, bringing you a quicker, more efficient way to buy original lithograph art than any other gallery, since your chosen piece reaches you at your home within days or purchasing it.

KreislerArt is the online art gallery that you were waiting for for your collection of graphic works and engravings. We have been working with artists since 1965 to offer you the best artwork. We also offer other techniques that are part of this art discipline. Graphic art renews and modernizes itself continually, which is why it is not unusual to find items that combine different models.

If you are an artist and would like to present your lithographic creations, please do not hesitate to contact us. As an online gallery we commit ourselves to helping emerging artists spread their talent.

Choose your best pieces of lithograph art, and we will take care of the rest.