Serigraph Prints

Serigraph prints

Serigraphy is a printing technique whereby a drawing is transferred onto a cloth or a permeable mesh or screen, allowing the ink to filter through to the chosen printing surface with the aid of a scraping blade or squeegee. The process is stencil-based, meaning that as the ink is spread evenly over the design, it sinks through the open spaces onto the printing surface, while the remaining areas are blocked from the print. At our gallery you will find serigraphs prints  using different types of ink: some give an embossed effect, others are metallic and others still are translucent, three-colour, and water-based. Inks also come in different colours, combining different tones, or a single, uniform colour.

Serigraph of Carmen Cantabella

We work with the best contemporary serigraph printers and the pieces we present have an authenticity stamp, so you have the absolute guarantee that the serigraphs you choose at KreislerArt are originals. Take a visual tour of the serigraphs at our online art gallery and add a unique work of art to your home decoration.

This printing technique has been chosen as a medium of expression by a variety of artists through the years. Its artistic peak started in the 50s and has endured ever since. At KreislerArt we would like to share artistic authenticity while contributing with a touch of beauty to all type of spaces and objects of daily use.

Serigraphy is a technique of graphic art that achieves fascinating visual results, turning prints into authentic works of art. We like what we do, and we know that art is a source of inspiration and creativity: that’s why we would like you to feel the same when you buy original serigraphs prints.

For the lovers of superlative graphic art, aside from serigraphy, we also offer engravings, litographs, linocuts and etching, so that you can decorate the inside of your home in an impressive way: abstracts, landscapes, monuments, daily life…We have all the styles and subjects that you are looking for in your works of art. Decorate your walls or expand your collection with our artists.

At KreislerArt you can find the largest collection of contemporary graphic artwork. We are your online art gallery of choice. Every print that you see in our virtual exhibition space are unique works of art, with an authenticity certificate and the signature of the artist. We started out with Kreisler Gallery in Madrid , founded in 1965. We came into being with the objective of promoting artwork by the most renowned national and international artists. And now we are continuing to promote them and helping new talent through Buy one of your favourite works of art! Collect them and decorate your house. Now it is quicker, easier and more comfortable than ever.