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tamara-001-7536Tamara Kreisler, third-generation of the Kreisler family working in the art world, presents a new platform of Gallery Online, kreislerart.com, taking advantage of her career and professional experience.  The idea is to make accessible, easy and simple the act of buying art Online in its different disciplines; painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography.

Our mission is to bring art close to as many people as possible because we are convinced that surrounded by art life is much more pleasant and that you are much happier when in your work or in your home you live surrounded by art works that you love and have a special meaning for you.

kreislerart.com puts great effort and professional dedication, supported by our various advisers and Commissioners that specialize in various disciplines, in finding artists and works for each buyer. We have the privilege of having the know-how of the Kreisler family with over fifty years of work in the art field and also the eye and desire to add new artists and works that we find to be original and transmit to us emotions.

We are forming a selection of “curators” located in the main cities of the international art paths who selected for us the most interesting proposals of their markets to the clients of kreislerart.com For the selection of photographic work, our collaboration is curated by Pasquale Caprile,  photographer with extensive experience in analog photography and the photographic market nationally and internationally as well as promoter of exhibitions and photographic projects.

Because, if you’ve already bought a book, a film, theatre ticket or a pair of shoes Online, why won’t you buy some art?

Discover the History of our Gallery

In 1965, Araceli and Edward Kreisler opened the Kreisler Art Gallery, at Serrano Street 19 in Madrid, with the aim of promoting consecrated artists and young artists in the Spain of the 1960s.

In its first years of existence, Kreisler Gallery exposes different artists who would end up becoming the top figures on the Spanish art scene, becoming in a very short a reference in the active artistic scene of Madrid.

In 1967, started to work in this space his son Jorge Kreisler. Three years later, in 1970, we open a branch of the Gallery in New York, at Lexington Avenue, with the intention of carrying the work of so many and good Spanish artists promoting them in the international art market of the Big Apple.

In 1973, Jorge Kreisler launches its own project with a more avant-garde line and opened the Art Gallery: Kreisler Dos, also in Madrid, in Hermosilla 8, to complete the artistic offer of the rest of the spaces. It is, in that same year, when Juan Kreisler is incorporated into the main hall at Serrano 19.


En 1979, Juan Kreisler, opened the Kreisler Art Gallery in Barcelona, at Valencia Street 262, to foster communication between the Catalan artists and all those that already worked in Kreisler. Subsequently, he opens the Kreisler Art Gallery in Miami, Coral Gables, in 1993 to strength the ties between the most important Latin American artists and Europe and becoming reference for Latin art in Europa.

In 1988, Jorge Kreisler, creates a new exhibition space in Prim Street, with his name and Juan Kreisler moved the mythical Gallery of Serrano Street to the current headquarters at Hermosilla Street 8.

During this 50 years, the Kreisler galleries have carried out a very important task of promotion of Spanish painting in the most prestigious art fairs in the world such as; ARCO (Madrid), ARTBASEL (Basilea), FIAC (Paris), ARTNEWYORK (Nueva York), ARTEFIERA (Bolonia), ARTEPADOVA (Padova), ARTEBA (Buenos Aires), ARTBO (Bogota), FIA (Caracas), ARTMIAMI (Miami), ART SP (Sao Paulo), ARTCHICAGO (Chicago), TORONTO ART FAIR (Toronto), STAMPA (Madrid), FIG (Bilbao), LINE ART (Gante), etc…

At this moment remains open the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid, at Hermosilla 8, where the spirit of the illusion of further promoting Spanish art despite adverse economic situations and the difficulties that crosses the art in these last times has not been lost.

In 2015, celebrating the 50 anniversary of the Foundation of the first gallery Kreisler, Tamara Kreisler (third generation) puts underway an Art Gallery online www.kreislerart.com with the intention, and the illusion, of getting to new markets and of follow the tradition of the family business in the world of Art incorporating new channels of sales to the already traditional ones.

We feel happy and proud that with all this experience and name in the art world, we offer security and confidence to all buyers of our online gallery.

Be able to work surrounded by art and in direct contact with artists, is certainly a privilege we have in the Kreisler family and which we are proud to be able to transmit to new generations and share with our customers and friends.

 Kreisler Gallery web site:  www.galeriakreisler.com

GALERIA KREISLER, S. L. Hermosilla 8, 28001, Madrid. CIF – B-28625291 registered in the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 5.550, Folio 81, Hoja M 90.802.