Alejos Lorenzo

Ferrol, España 1975

Artistic Bio

Alejos Lorenzo
(Ferrol, 1975)

He practices drawing from childhood and begins with oil painting at age of 18 in a self-taught way.
He studies Technical Architecture and Interior design, profession that he leaves after a few years to dedicate himself fully to the art.

He has been exhibiting since 1998 and has exhibited in New York, Milano, Beijing, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid, etc.

Of his work, very colourful and vital, they have said:
“It is, above all, a lyrical, imaginative, joyful, suggestive and especially striking painting, with which this artist reminds us that art is above all creation, interpretation, not simply a copy of reality, emphasizing that the world must be represented, not only as it is, but also, as one feels”. (Carlos Barcón, art critic).