Jorge Regueira

A Coruña, España

Artistic Bio

The only Spanish artist present at the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow.

Born in La Coruña. Self-taught artist, his training and professional life has revolved around advertising, in agencies such as Tiempo/BBDO, Contrapunto, RSCG, Rad/DENTSU… always as a creative (copy and art director). His work has been recognized with several awards in Spain and abroad.

He always combined his professional activity with artistic creation, at first writing and then painting, in an onanism way, for satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Until he decided to leave the contemplation behind.

Although sometimes approaching the figurative, his work never abandons all abstraction,

It does not matter whether it is to give life to organic forms or to be lost, fascinated, in a universe

Expressionist. His work, which does not conform to being made in a single style, usually integrates calligraphic elements, using the written line as an expressive argument more, denuding of its mere semantic functionality. This crossbreeding is also present in its “toolbox “, in which its brushes coexist with calligraphy tools, many of them homemade.

Artistic training


Arabic Calligraphy Course in Thuluth style with Pablo Casado (Madrid, 2017)

Workshop on Roman italics “the word in Motion” with Massimo Polello (Madrid, 2017)

Blackletter Workshop with Luca Barcelona (Madrid, 2016)



2017-2018: “Live Strokes” Eurobuilding, Madrid. November 29 to January 31, 2018 in the hotel Lobby

“Untitled”, CientoyPico Space, Madrid.


“Imbued Landscapes”. Hybrid Art Fair. Petit Palace Santa Bárbara Hotel, Madrid

“Untitled”, Est_Art, Alcobendas, Madrid.

6th International Exhibition of Calligraphy, Moscow. Only Spanish artist invited.

VERA World Fine Art Festival, Moscow. MR-ArtGallery of Madrid participant

Private collections

Contemporary Calligraphy Museum, Moscow.


Est_Art, Alcobendas, Madrid. Permanent exhibition

Flecha, Madrid. Online artistic work in the gallery

Atlantic Space, La Coruña. Gallery background.

Xerion, La Coruña. Gallery background.

“Calligrapher audacious who investigates and elaborates his own instruments of creation achieving a stroke impregnated with personality and temperament.

Writing flows, draws and blurs generating stories and intrigues that invite us to immerse in their lines and discover them, moving to our own autobiographical references”

Maite Sánchez Urueña, Masaur

Est_Art Space, Curator