Safe payment

Secure Payment Services works to ensure the security of transactions with our clients and therefore we only work with the most secure means of payment. These are payment systems available to our shop online today.

Payment by Credit card. We work with CECA(“Confederación Española Cajas de Ahorro”)

Our virtual POS is a device prepared to work in secure mode within the sales operations through the Internet, working in this way:

1.-Contacting the card issuing bank to request authentication of the holder (identity verification) prior to applying for the corresponding request for authorization. This ensures that only the genuine holder, card holder, will operate with it.
2.-Implements SSL in all communications which prevent the interception of information by third parties. Therefore, confidentiality is assured in all communications to be established during the transaction.
3.- It also enables mechanisms to test the authenticity of the origin of transactions and also preventing the manipulation of data by third parties. This ensures the integrity of the data of the transaction.
4.- The card data is not known by what prevents that this information may be used subsequently by others fraudulently. This information is stored conveniently by the Virtual POS, which in turn will provide to the payment system as needed (for example in a callback). Therefore, all transactions carried out via the Virtual POS will have all the guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity for participating agents: cardholders and their CAs, and shops and its acquiring entities.

The Virtual POS will be updated with the latest versions of secure payment go to international bodies.


PayPal is an internationally recognized on-line payment system. PayPal protects your financial information with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, financial information is never shared with the seller. Once completed the payment, is email you receipt of the transaction.

BANK TRANSFERS PAYMENT. works with kutxabank for your payments. Bank transfer or deposit into account means a delay in the management of your purchase, that will not enter preparatory process until it has been confirmed the payment. Your order will come in packaging process once the payment has been confirmed. The artwork requested by you will remain reserved for 7 days during which you can make payment. For our part, we will carry out reviews of our accounts in search of the same. If you want to expedite the shipping of your order, send us a copy of the proof of transfer or payment on account to: and we will proceed to the packing and shipping of it asap.